Hunting Roe Deer in Hungary


When others are chasing turkeys or sitting at home, we are hunting world class roe deer in Hungary!

roe deer  in Hungary

We host hunting expeditions of all sizes and shapes (even accessible hunting) in Hungary. Here you can start hunting world class roe bucks in mid April all the way through September 30. We like to hunt in Hungary because this beautiful country is known for producing the best free range roe buck trophies in the world. In fact, in the current C.I.C. world rank list, the #2, #3, #4, #9 and #10 roe bucks were all taken in Hungary (!).

Our clients love our early season European roe buck hunts in Hungary because we get to hunt them before the vegetation grows and thickens. This means they don’t have as much cover to hide. And since these animals are active during the day, we enjoy a pleasant hunt on a gorgeous spring days, shooting up to 3-4 bucks per day.

Hungary has an excellent roe deer population due to our excellent habitat and professional wildlife management. Roe Deer are hunted throughout Hungary and can be found in every part of the country as they even thrive in our agricultural areas (which are widespread throughout Hungary).

female hunter with roe deer in hungary

We love helping clients plan and execute hunting trips in Hungary for the magnificent roe deer. If you’d like to learn more or request a quote, please email passionandprey@gmail, and remember that we always have specials to encourage female hunters to join us, too!

More Info:
Roe Deer Habitat in Hungary

In Hungary, we find roe deer everywhere: in farmland, scattered fields, forest edges and meadows dotted with shrubs and undergrowth rich forests. Roe like to rest on the land in early summer, then move on the safety of the higher elevations later in the season.

Hunting roe deer in their rut (mating) season makes for a unique hunting experience which can vary depending on the weather and location; usually it runs from the 3rd week of July until the 2nd week of August. We are able to use whistles and doe calls to attract smart and wary roe busks that can be very difficult to hunt at other times of the year. In fact, we will often see and harvest bucks that have not been seen throughout the entire spring hunting season.

Annual Roe Deer Hunting Harvest: Roughly 100,000 Roe Deer are harvested each year in Hungary, with about 35,000 of those being bucks.

Roe Deer Season

Roe Buck Hunting Season runs April 15 – September 30
Recommended Hunting Dates : April 15 – May 15
Rut: end of July, early August
Roe Deer Doe Season runs October 1 – February 28

Roe Deer Trophy Quality

The average Roe Buck trophy will weigh 250g-350g, but it is possible to harvest a trophy weighing 500-600g.

International medal scoring:

105.00-114.99 CIC point-bronze
115.00-129.99 CIC point-silver
130.00 and up-CIC point- gold

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