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Our client from the US had the extreme luck to got entered in Hungary just a day before the border closures due to the pandemic. This was the very first day of Red Stag hunting this season. We proudly share his review below: (written in his own words!)


I’ve only ever done two reviews and they were for exceptional service so that should tell you something about how happy I was with the whole experience of planning, booking, and hunting Red Stag in Sumeg Hungary!  Albert at Passion and Prey was the most responsive and helpful hunting services provider I have ever dealt with!  

The quality and quantity of the game in Hungary can only come from centuries of wild game management.  These are no farm-raised NZ stags. These are majestic beasts that date back to a day and age where hunting was only for royalty and nobility.

The hunting was high seat or spot and stalk. I did a lot of spotting and stalking and covered a lot of ground; in the end, I took two gold medal stags. One world-class stag with a trophy weight of 14.05 kilograms was the largest ever killed in the region!


My wife traveled with me so Albert booked us at a nice resort & spa at the base of a medieval castle. My wife was able to experience several wellness treatments (at very reasonable prices compared to the U.S.) while I was hunting, and we were still able to sightsee in the middle of the day and usually have several meals together as well.  

The guide/professional hunter Gabor (Gabriel) was exceptional with well over a decade of hunting the same large concession. Somehow he was able to consistently place us in an area where the stags were roaring and we would take off chasing from there. On several occasions, we stalked within feet of large red stags rubbing & shaking impossibly large trees. On those occasions, Gabor said they were too young even though they had huge antlers. I hunted for five mornings and five evenings. I saw dozens and dozens of red stags, wild boar, and roe deer.


After the evening hunt where I harvested the 14.05 kilogram stag the president of the hunting association opened up his restaurant at 10:30 pm just for my wife and me and hosted us to an amazing Hungarian meal and drinks. Then the next morning there was a traditional hunting ceremony to honor the animal and the hunter. The ceremony began with horn blowing, the presentation of the animal wreathed with plants, and ended with the gifting of a branch to commemorate the first red stag I took. Two days later, on the very last hunt of the trip, I harvested a second red stag trophy that weighed almost 10 kilograms.


Albert also arranged for Esther, a tour guide and interpreter. Her English was exceptional and helped me get in a rhythm of communication with Gabor.  Esther was also very accommodating and helped my wife book spa treatments and plan our post hunting sight seeing excursions in Budapest. All and all I can’t say enough good things about our experiences on this perfect vacation!


Congratulations Clark, we are proud of You and happy for your success!


A little aftermath of the story:

The trophy earned 326 SCI points by official scoring, became the county’s all-time largest, and one of Hungary’s biggest trophy this year. Based on its points, the trophy would be the 18th  free-range European Red Stag on the SCI record list!

On Clark’s recommendation and introduction, we have donated 2 Hungarian hunting packages to Californian Waterfowl Association’s fundraising banquet for their Youth and Veteran Programs. Both packages went sold on the auction, we are looking forward to hosting the winners in Hungary 2021!


We regularly help clients like Clark plan the Hungarian hunting trip of a lifetime. If you’d like to learn more or request a quote, please email, and remember that we always have specials to encourage female hunters to join us, too!

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