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We are proud to introduce world-wide hunting travelers to new and exciting hunting methods. While we offer classic stalking and high seat hunts, we have options of more unique ways of hunting as well.

Where legal and possible, we are happy to offer a wider range of hunting methods and styles. Surely rifle hunt is the most common and fast way of harvesting any game. But we are a sophisticated, ethical, and sometimes gourmet hunting organization. As a result, we support hunters who prefer more old fashioned ways to reach their goals. Making the hunt more challenging and the prize even more rewarding.

We often work with high-skilled archery hunters or passionate muzzleloaders. Helping these traditional hunters get closer to the prey and to the thrill that comes with relying even more on their instincts. In Europe, Hungary is the only country where both archery and muzzleloader hunting are legal. Passion & Prey is proud to organize hunts using both of these hunting methods. Hunting with greyhounds, falconry and equestrian archery are also all still living traditions.
As an organization we aim to be as inclusive as possible. We are committed to help physically challenged hunters fulfill their dreams. Working with wheelchair accessible lodges and blinds to provide equal opportunity hunting.

Please ask us for combined trip options based on hunting season overlaps. As well as group deals and special pricing for female hunters. We also provide complete taxidermy, shipping and customs’ paperwork, all within a 3 month time frame. Our team takes care of all the planning, guiding and logistics. This way you can completely focus on your passion from beginning to end.

Please email with any questions or if you’re ready to plan your trip.
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bow and arrow hunter with trophy

Bow & Arrow Hunts

We believe that archery is the most artistic hunting method, relying on spiritual instinct. It’s an almost meditative experience. Hunting big game with a bow and arrow requires more skill, more patience, more time and more luck. In turn, archery gets us closer to the prey. Granting a bigger boost of adrenaline, and greater sense of reward after a successful hunt. These factors all raise the value of bow hunting and make lasting memories.
Bow and arrow hunting is hard work. It’s about quality over quantity, and experience over trophy size. We share this passion, and we are happy to serve this growing part of the hunting community. We have outfitter partners and hunting areas where bow and arrow hunters are more than welcomed. Our seasoned guides work hard to help our guests get their desired trophies. Please see our Specials or contact us for special offers.

Muzzleloader Hunts

Passionate muzzleloader hunters get a taste of what hunting was like centuries ago, before modern firearms. With muzzleloaders, hunters need to shorten the shooting distance. Therefore this hunting method is a sentimental, sophisticated and ethical way of hunting.

Using muzzleloader rifles for hunting have recently become legal in Hungary. We are proud to be the first hunting company to offer this traditional and ethic hunting method to our guests. We welcome black powder lovers in our North American hunts as well. Please contact us for more info.



Accessible Hunts

We are dedicated to share our passion for hunting with the whole world. Therefore, we work on planning and guiding full hunting trips for hunters with mobility disabilities who have limited options to pursue their outdoor dreams. We offer fully accessible hunting locations and lodging facilities that allow full participation for wheelchair users.

Our premium hunting partner has created a wheelchair accessible hunting facility. Including a modified pick-up truck, accessible trail and a blind close to one of the most frequented fallow deer rutting zones.

We have found an ideal wheelchair accessible location based upon the fallow bucks’ mating habits. Through careful planning we can provide a great hunting experience for our disabled clients. In addition to fallow bucks, there is a very high chance for other huntable species’ to appear in these locations.


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