Fallow Deer Hunting in Europe
(Cervus dama dama)

An elegant species offering high success rates.


We like to hunt for fallow buck in Hungary, because the country boasts the world’s best fallow deer populations. In fact, Hungarian fallow bucks were used in genetic improvement programs in Australia, New-Zealand, and England in the 1970-1990s.

This medium size, elegant species is well adapted to live in Hungary. The fallow deer population here is one of the best and largest in the world.

It is true: 18 of the top 30 fallow buck on the CIC World Record list were harvested in Hungary.

Keep in mind that there is a notable difference between the red deer and fallow deer rutting habits. While the red stag seek out females and stay with them during the rutting season, fallow bucks have their own places to rut year after year. Fallow does then come visit to meet these crowned, dotted males who fight each other to win the right to mate.

During the rut, fallow stags make loud, easily recognizable snorting-like sounds, which can direct the hunter to their wallows. This is where there is a good chance of seeing a whole group of animals, so you can shoot the desired trophy animal selectively. Taking advantage of the fallow bucks’ rutting habit means the success rate is particularly high this time of the season. 

After the rut, males separate themselves from females, living alone or in small age groups. As the fallow deer is a daytime animal, the hunting method is typically walk and stalk, or high seat in the later season.

Fallow Deer

There are 4-5 different considerable sub-populations of fallow deer in several areas of Hungary. We hunt them in areas of continuous forest blocks, smaller hills, as well as plains areas.

12,000 fallow deer are harvested annually in Hungary, 2500 of which are bucks.

The average trophy weight is 2.5 kg-3.5kg. The biggest world record Hungarian trophies were 5.65 and 5.80 kg.



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More Info:

Fallow Deer Season

Buck: October 1st – January 31
Rut: October
Doe, Fawn: October 1st – February 28

Later season hunting may be combined with doe, calf or wild boar. Ask us about trip combinations!

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