Superior Hunting in Europe & Beyond

Introducing travelers to the most incredible opportunities for hunting in Europe and beyond.

For over 20 years, we have been providing hunt planning and logistics services to hunters across Europe and Canada. We’re passionate about sharing our ancient and sustainable hunting practices in the world’s most beautiful places.

World-Class & Traditional

Full care and excellent communication, from planning your trip to the post-hunt process and everything in between.

Our mission at Passion and Prey European Hunting Services is to represent our blessed European hunting heritage and culture. Using only the most ethical and modern standards for sustainability and conservation. We are nature lovers like you. Therefore, we are committed to always show respect to animals sacrificing their lives for our passion. Expect the highest no-waste standards, high success rates and quality trophies.

Every member of our multilingual hunting staff have wild game management degrees and/or hunting education. Our team is primed to work with clients to build fully customized trips. These hunts are always ethical and of the highest quality. We also offer estate hunting options for any passionate hunter who is short on time. These hunts are always tailored to your needs. We can provide combined hunts based on hunting season overlaps. Have a dream hunting trip in mind? Just ask!

Our team handles all details, from beginning to end. We understand how quickly you want your trophy after your hunt. Therefore, we provide fast preparation, packaging and proper paperwork for shipping. We work with our partner custom agents and shipping brokers 24/7 to ensure your needs are met.

Sustainable and world class. We custom-make your ultimate adventure year round, both on and off the hunting field.

From the overflowing forests of Hungary to the untapped wildernesses in Canada and more. Pick your dream species, location and hunting method. Then, just let us do the rest.

hunter with ibex trophy in the alps
husband and wife with hunting trophy on the field
traditional horn blowing ceremony after hunt
wild boar hunter in Hungary

We are committed to satisfy the needs and desires of all clients. From pre-hunt planning to the post-hunt tasks, our staff handles all the details. This way you can focus on the experience.

When you hunt with Passion and Prey, expect traditional, fair chase hunting methods and ceremonies. We also guarantee respectful and sustainable game management practices and majestic wild game populations. As well as breathtaking landscapes, legendary hospitality and culinary excellence.

We pursue trophy game animals in Europe’s most prestigious hunting grounds with high success rates. Also, we offer estate and fenced hunting for those with limited time.

Note that hunting upgrades are welcomed during all trips. Guests can shoot 2nd and 3rd trophy animals within the range of available species and season.

On our hunts traditional archery hunters are welcomed too. We are proud to be the first hunting company based in Hungary that offers traditional muzzleloader hunting.

Our hunting lodges and fly-in camps provide quality housing in a relaxing environment. Expect genuine hospitality, home-made food and attentive service. 5-star chateaus, castles and spas nearby are also available upon request.

Moreover, we are always happy to help our clients enjoy their whole trip. Ask us about additional activities. Such as, sight-seeing, winery or historical tours.

Our guides will ensure your entire trip is smooth and filled with adventure. You already know when and what you would like to hunt? Book your trip. We are ready to make your desires a reality. But, if you are not quite sure yet, get in touch. We are here to help you plan your adventure. Please expect our answer within 24 hours.

Tailor-Made Trips

With high success rates, record size trophies, and special pricing for women. We’ve got something for everyone, year round.

Picture-Perfect Hunts

With personalized services and expert guides, record-size trophies and share-worthy memories are just a plane ride away.

Don’t forget your camera! Your pictures and videos will be just as treasured as the trophies on your wall.

Plan Your Sustainable Adventure

We offer 5 ways to plan your dream hunting expedition.
Email to learn more.

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