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Fallow Buck Hunting

Fallow Deer hunting in Hungary in October, the middle of the rutting season, in the world’s best fallow deer hunting field. This is when and where you can expect record size trophies!

Pheasant and Hare Hunting in Europe

Small game hunting in the Hungarian plain is full of action, nice shots and a great daily bag at the end of the hunt. Passion and Prey is your prime connection for any European game species.

Red Stag Hunting

Trophy Red Stag hunting in the full rut in September. Here we took down a gold medal trophy-category stag from a high seat.

Roe Buck Hunting

A spring roe buck hunt under the full bloom of acacia trees. This video shows us harvesting a non-typical silver medal buck, then stalking in the rutting season, calling in a nice, representative buck.

Mouflon Ram Hunting

Our rams fire up in November, fighting over the female stock – during day stalking we often hear banging and knocking noises as the rams hit each other ruthlessly. This footage shows a day of successful spot and stalk hunting in Hungary, shooting a full curve, gold medal mouflon ram.

Wild Boar Driven Hunt

Action-packed winter driven wild boar hunting in Hungary. No limit, advanced level shooting on running boar. Amazing shots and great trophy animals. Book your hunt with us to be a part of the next adventure.

Free Range Fallow Buck Hunting

Full swing rutting season in one of the best fallow countries in the world, where we can see 20-50 buck during a morning or evening stalk. This is spot and stalk – an absolutely free range hunt.

Moose Hunting In Newfoundland, Canada

Beautiful Newfoundland is called ‘moose country’ for a reason. Join us for the adventure of trophy moose hunting with fly-in remote camps, unbeatable landscapes, passionate hunters and really big bulls.

Caribou Bowhunting in Newfoundland

Successful bowhunting for caribou in stunning Newfoundland. This beautiful stag we stalked and harvested was the highest scored, bowhunted woodland caribou in Newfoundland in 2017.

Hunting in the Gyulaj Forest Estate

We are always proud to hunt in the storied and well-managed Gyulaj forest in Hungary. Expect a smorgasbord of record sized trophies, as well as many opportunities for small game hunting, too. We maintain the traditional European hunting methods that have thrived in this very forest for centuries.

More From Gyulaj Hunting Hungary

See why we are so excited to share this pristine, well-managed region with hunters from across the world. 

Bowhunting in Europe

Bowhunting is legal in the Gyulaj estate in Hungary, where the fallow rut is one of the greatest wildlife spectacles in the world. This video explains the sport of bowhunting and how it brings you closer to nature than any other hunting sport.

Wild Boar Fever

Experience the magnificent wild boar hunt, the hunting experience of a lifetime.

Muzzleloader Hunting in Hungary

We are proud to be the first hunting organization to offer traditional muzzleloader (black powder) hunting in Hungary.

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