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We bring our guests to the animal’s native habitats, which are ripe with natural beauty. And we follow the best conservation principles and sustainable hunting practices to save these pristine environments for future generations.

We are proud to introduce world-wide hunting travelers to new, exciting and sustainable hunting options in Europe and beyond. Our team provides personalized hunting trips in stunning hunting grounds. Staying in spike camps with basic conditions to 5 star noble castles and everything in between. We chose our locations based on hunting success and local amenities, always going where the dream species are found.

Because we hunt in such beautiful places, we always encourage our guests to spend some extra days exploring. We are also happy to offer sight-seeing, winery tours, shopping and historical tours, or other cultural programs based on the location of the hunting area. Our team helps with all the planning, guiding and logistics for your adventure. This way you can focus completely on your passion.

Please ask us about group deals and combined trip options based on hunting season overlaps. Note that we offer special pricing for female hunters, as well as accessible hunting opportunities. We are also proud to provide complete taxidermy to our clients, including shipping and customs’ paperwork, all within a 3 month time frame.

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tour guide overlooking Budapest

Laszlo Albert, our founder and owner is overlooking beautiful Budapest. Be sure to ask about add-on guided tours and cultural trips for your hunting trip. 


We call this beautiful country home. With its rich history and a top-notch, centuries-old reputation in hunting and game management. The Hungarian big game population is world famous, owing to cautious management, perfect genetics, and an excellent habitat. Without doubt, we have one of the highest hunting success rates in Europe. This is a result of the high density of big game and the dedicated work of our educated hunting professionals.

Hungarian hunters are passionate about fair-chase, ethical hunting and traditional hunting culture and ceremonies. We always show respect to the animals that gave us their lives.

Hungary’s rich cultural, architectural, culinary, musical, and folk heritage make the country one of the most desired destination in Europe. And that’s not to mention the legendary hospitality! Hungary’s capital, Budapest is a vibrant, colorful metropolis, home to 2 million people. Hundreds of thousands tourists come to see our land on river cruises every year. They often take part in our world famous festivals as well. Budapest is also the host of the 2021 World Hunting and Nature Show. We are so proud to work together on this great success!

Available species: Red Deer, Fallow Deer, Roe Deer, Mouflon, Wild Boar and More



Romania boasts a long hunting history and ample hunting grounds. Home to Europe’s biggest brown bear population and the world’s best chamois trophies. The  Carpathian Mountains are the home of large wolf packs and the ancient Capercaille. These are species that are either extinct, endangered or re-introduced elsewhere in Europe. The Carpathians are also known for huge red stags and wild boars, providing authentic hunting experiences. In addition, the Romanian plains and lower hills offer the perfect habitat for two other deer species – fallow and roe deer stocks are strong here.

The driven Wild Boar hunt in Romania is also a unique experience.We organize successful and action-packed driven hunts for group of 8-14 hunters.

Transylvania, also called Land of Dracula, has several small towns and village that are hidden gems, taking you back in time. Besides hunting, country tours are available for you as well!



For the mountain enthusiast, we head to the sharp hilltops of the Austrian alps to hunt for chamois and alpine ibex. This ethical spot and stalk hunt is a thrilling experience and a sustainable hunting practice. It requires good physical condition as well as solid shooting skills, which is only fair. We should work hard for trophies in the stunning alps. Our local guides are primed to help you find success, with the hope that the high mountains will be gracious to us. Depending on the season, we can also see and hunt marmots, but they hibernate between late September and early October, so it highly depends on the weather.

We usually stay and hunt from local hunting cabins up in the hills, which allow us to hunt from the first daylight. These cabins have all the necessary comforts and alpine style kitchen, plus to mountain views you will not believe.



Join us in beautiful Switzerland to hunt alpine ibex. This is the most prestigious ibex hunt in Europe, making it a real treat for mountain lovers. The Swiss ibex is the rarest and largest subspecies, with impressive size of horns reaching up to 100-110 cm length. The Swiss wildlife department has a very successful conservation program for these majestic animals. They keep the number of licenses to sustainable level. Issuing them out only after surveying the population each spring. The limited number of licenses ensures quality over quantity for ibex trophies, making this an adventure not to be missed for a Capra Slammer. Here, success requires a well organized hunt. Our local guides are wildlife officers, so they know every inch of the mountains, and pre-scout for our dream trophies.


Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada

Newfoundland is our second home, since our founder and owner Laszlo Albert now spends most of the year on “The Rock” as it is known by locals. This lesser known Canadian province is an ultimate hunting, fishing, outdoor destination. Home of the world’s densest Moose population and the only place where one can still hunt for the majestic woodland caribou. The island also boasts impressive Black Bear trophies, and it’s marine wildlife is world famous. Each year about a million tourists come to visit. To hike the beautiful trails, to see teeming seabirds colonies, to watch whales and icebergs, to enjoy ecoutours around natural reserves, and to feast on the best seafood one can imagine.

We hunt on the island’s best hunting areas, with a 90% average success rate on Newfoundland big game species. We offer spring black bear hunting with salmon and trout fishing trips, and big game hunts in the fall. Road access or fly-in camps are waiting for our guests, serving hunters with all physical conditions and budgets. Rifle hunting and bow & arrow hunts are both available.


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