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Hunting in Hungary is one the very best options for passionate hunters. That is why many of our guided hunting trips take place here. This beautiful place is the home country of our founder and CEO, Laszlo Albert.

The Hungarian big game population is world famous. As a result of cautious management, perfect genetics, and excellent habitat. There are a lot of CIC and SCI big game trophy world records originating from Hungary. In general, 350,000 big game are harvested every year. 30,000 of which are taken by foreign hunters. The number of harvested small game reaches the 1,000,000 mark year by year.

There is a growing interest in Hungary among hunting tourists from all over the world. They are drawn to its natural beauty and rich history. Amazing Hungarian hospitality, the 1000-year old culture, as well as world famous cuisine make this country a must-see for any tourist. While ancient hunting traditions and forests teeming with the ‘European Big 5’ make hunting in Hungary a must-do for any hunter. Keep in mind that we always offer special pricing for female hunters.

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Hunting has been central to Hungarian culture for a millennia. Today old traditions are still alive. In 1971, Hungary was the host country for The Hunting World Expo. The country’s centuries old reputation in hunting and game management made this the perfect place for the event. There are many hunting reviews that attest to Hungary having one of the highest hunting success rates in Europe. This is a result of the big game density and the devoted work of its educated hunting experts. Hungarian hunters put a lot of emphasis on the fair-chase hunting, old traditions, and ceremonies.

In this country there is no wild game breeding program or manipulated trophies. The Hungarian hunting law strictly prohibits using hormones in wild game management.

The game population here is born and raised by Mother Nature. In the EU, the use of GMO technologies is banned. As a result of this, our wild game meat is free of artificial agents and chemicals. This is one of the best quality food source.

We offer year-round hunting expeditions in Hungary, for hunters of all levels and with a wide variety of requirements. Please email us at to learn more or request a quote, and find all our current specials for hunting in Hungary (and beyond) here.

More About Hungary

Hunting Map of Hungary

Territory: 93.000 km2

Highest point: Kekesteto – 1014 m

Currency: Hungarian Forint

Government: Constitutional Republic

Population: 10 Million

Capital of Hungary: Budapest

Airport: Ferenc Liszt International Airport, Budapest

Largest Lake: Lake Balaton

Rivers: Danube, Tisza

Plains: 70 %; Mountain : 30 %

Hungary enjoys moderate continental, cold winters, a pleasant spring, hot summers and an enjoyable autumn. January is the coldest month when the average temperature is -4°C (25°F). July is the warmest, with an average of  about 35 °C (95°F). Hungary’s average temperature is 8°-11 °C (46°-52° F).

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