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We use this hunting blog as a platform to share the most exciting and memorable stories our guests got to experience while hunting with us.

Best Hunting in Hungary

The Best Hunting in Hungary   HUGE SUCCESS ON RED STAG HUNT   Our client from the US had the extreme luck to got entered in Hungary just a day before the border closures due to the pandemic. This was the very first day of Red Stag hunting this season. We...

Red Deer Hunting

Red Deer Hunting in Europe(Cervus elaphus) Come hunt with us in Hungary for the majestic King of the Forest, the Red Stag! Red deer hunting is the most popular and sought after trophy hunt in Hungary. As a result of our management and selective harvesting, natural...

Best Hunting In Europe: Steve’s Testimonial

The Best Hunting in Europe: A Review Here's Torbay's Steve Erbland's testimonial from his recent hunting trip to Hungary (written in his own words!).   I recently had the opportunity to go on a hunting trip in Hungary organized by Passion & Prey. I had never...

Wheelchair Hunting in Europe

Wheelchair Hunting in EuropePart of our commitment to sharing the love of the hunt with everyone. For 20 years, we've worked hard to help hunters from all over the world experience the thrill of hunting in Europe. As a part of this commitment, we love helping hunters...

Fallow Deer Hunting

Fallow Deer Hunting in Europe(Cervus dama dama) An elegant species offering high success rates. We like to hunt for fallow buck in Hungary, because the country boasts the world’s best fallow deer populations. In fact, Hungarian fallow bucks were used in genetic...

Hunting in Hungary

Hunting in Hungary Hunting in Hungary is one the very best options for passionate hunters. That is why many of our guided hunting trips take place here. This beautiful place is the home country of our founder and CEO, Laszlo Albert. The Hungarian big game population...

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