Comprehensive, personalized hunting trips with no hidden fees or surprises. Ask for a quote now.

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We provide custom-made hunting trips for individuals as well as groups with no hidden fees or surprises. Our international clients are indeed often pleasantly surprised by how affordable trophy hunting in Europe can be.

Please email us at, call 709-769-5444 or use the message box below to request pricing information or a complete quote.

And be sure to ask for combined trip options, tour programs, actual discounts or group deals in addition. With over 20 years of experience in providing services to hunters across Europe and Canada, Passion & Prey is your go to partner in realizing the trip of your dreams. Our team would be happy to assist with all planning, guiding, logistics and communication. Moreover we can help arrange for quick and easy taxidermy (including all the paperwork and customs). We accommodate different budgets, as we are passionate about sharing our love of European hunting traditions with as many people as possible. 


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Year-round, memorable adventures in the world’s most beautiful places await. Remember, we are happy to offer completely tailor-made options to our clients. No request is too big or small, and we’re always happy to answer any questions within 24 hours.

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