Estate Hunting

Elegant Options for Busy Hunters

There are many reasons for a hunter to choose high fenced hunting grounds or private estates over a free range area. It could be because of the hunter’s physical limitation or limited time available for hunting. They might want a quick getaway during a family vacation, while everyone else is on the beach or shopping, or to add on to a business or conference trip nearby.  Some hunters are drawn to the higher chance of success and less exposure to unpleasant weather conditions. And many hunters enjoy the wider variety of species available in one place, plus the exceptionally big trophies that just aren’t seen as often in free range hunting.

Estate hunts are popular because they are not just about hunting and don’t require the same time commitment.  This makes them great for team building and corporate retreats. They let our guests enjoy successful hunting days and plentiful bags, while still enjoying local food, wine and more amenities.

Europe offers many opportunities to hunt in a more concentrated fields. With reserves up to 15.,000 acres,  the wild game behave naturally, and the trophies represent the same value as free range ones.

Be sure to ask about group discounts and opportunities, as these trips lend themselves nicely to hunting parties.

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High Volume Pheasant Shooting

sEnglish style! We organize English-style pheasant and duck hunt for our international wing-shooters, with no limit shooting options. Groups of 8-12 hunters can reach a bag of 1000+ bird per day, all while staying in 5 star chateaus or castles and treated like a king during the hunting day and beyond.  Exclusive service, high-end local kitchens and premium wine are all included the program. Traditional hunting ceremonies, bonfires and horn blowers show respect for the game at the end of the day.

Season: October – January

Driven Wild Boar Hunting

Experience famous Wild Boar Fever! We hunt the overgrown wild boar population intensively, releasing live trapped animals into high-fenced hunting areas.  The driven wild boar hunt is one of the most exciting and intense hunting methods around (see some of the action here). We use well-trained beaters and dogs, and it is not unusual to see 50- 80 animals in the bag at the end of a successful day in our hunting areas.  Driven hunts typically require 8-14 guns, although some hunting areas can facilitate smaller groups as well.

We also offer stalking and high seat hunting for wild boars – learn more here. These smart, elusive animals are a great prize for any hunter. They are also the only animal that we are allowed to hunt at night under permit, using a spotlight on damaged agricultural fields.

Season: Year Round

Note: Sows cannot be harvested between January 31 – May 1st

Driven Hunt: November – January

Big Game Hunting (High Fence)

High fence hunting is the perfect option for passionate hunters with limited time. We can offer high fenced hunting on estates that are home to a wide variety of big game species, such as roe deer, fallow deer, red deer, sitka deer,  mouflon and wild boar. High fenced hunting provides the highest success rates and excellent trophy selection, all year round.

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