Red Deer Hunting in Europe
(Cervus elaphus)

Come hunt with us in Hungary for the majestic King of the Forest, the Red Stag! Red deer hunting is the most popular and sought after trophy hunt in Hungary.

As a result of our management and selective harvesting, natural genetics here are second to none. In fact, it is now possible to harvest wild free range red stags with 10-12 kg of antler weight!


We hunt for this majestic animal on Hungary’s most prestigious hunting grounds, and among the rolling hills of the Carpathian mountains in Romania and Slovakia (learn more about where we hunt here). Mountainous habitats produce trophies between 6-9kg, while red deer on the plains can be 10-14kg, offering the harvest of a lifetime.

Hunting free range red deer requires a combination of traditional, skillful stalking, and calling techniques to successfully outsmart the highly alert and easily-spooked females who surround the stags during the roar. Our experienced guides will help with the process.

If you have never experienced the roar of the red stag, you are in for a serious shot of adrenaline and adventure. Closing the distance on a spectacular roaring stag requires nerves of steel and the patience of a sniper.

red deer

Don’t be fooled: these red stags are 100% wild, so when you see roaring bulls up close battling for dominance, you will know that you are truly in a hunter’s heaven. In the predawn you will find yourself sitting up high in the calm and quiet, until suddenly the silence is shattered by the roar that announces the King’s appearance.

You owe it to yourself to hunt Red Stag in their natural environment, so you can experience why these beasts are one of the most desired trophies in the world.


Red Deer in Hungary


Why travel to hunt red stags in Hungary? It’s simple. Our Hungarian red deer are wild animals – not pen raised or genetically modified. You will be hunting 100% wild animals in their native setting.

And because of Hungary’s world-renowned management, we have the population and genetics to make sure you have the red stag hunt of a lifetime.

Indeed, over the past few decades, there have been a number of World Class trophies that have come out of Hungary, which speak to the quality of our game and our hunting.

Each year there are approximately 50,000 red deer harvested in Hungary, with almost 13,000 of those being stags. These stags are massive animals weighing 250-300 kg and producing racks with up to 16-20 points.

Under optimal weather conditions, the rutting season lasts for the entire month of September, much like North American Elk. During the rut you will typically find a Mature Stag with a harem of 8-12 hinds and 3-4 accompanying satellite stags.



We traditionally hunt red stags with a mix of walk and stalk, calling, horse and carriage or high seat (like a tree stand).

The best part of hunting red stags during the roar is that they are very vocal, much like Rocky Mountain Elk in North America, so we are able to follow and stalk in on the sounds of the rutting stags. We will work in on the roaring stags carefully, so that you will have the opportunity to look the stags over and chose which stag is the right one for you.

Typically, early morning is the most successful time to hunt Red Stags. If you’re lucky, you will see the crowned head of a majestic stag emerging from the fog as the sun begins to light the sky, creating a memory that is truly unforgettable.

3 hunters with red stag trophy

We love helping clients plan and execute hunting trips and driven hunts for the majestic red stag. If you’d like to learn more or request a quote, please email, and remember that we always have specials to encourage female hunters to join us, too!

More Info:

Red Deer Season

Mature Stag: September 01 – October 31
Rutting Season: September
Hind/Doe  Selective Hunt : November 01 – January 31

International medal scoring:

170.00 – 189.99 CIC points = bronze (6-8 kg trophy weight)
190.00 – 209.99 CIC points = silver(8-10 kg)
210.00+ – CIC points = gold (10 kg or more)

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